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Planet TV Africa Official Calls Out Tekno Over Rude Behavior


A planet TV official has addressed singer Tekno on social media over the singer’s rude behavior towards him and his colleagues. He said Tekno’s action validates what Wizkid’s manager said of the singer. On social media, he wrote;

“Media is the most powerful entity on earth because they have the power to make the innocent look guilty and vice versa. They control the minds of the masses. It’s easy to start a campaign of calumny against anyone using whatever platform one has. But I won’t do that. Rather, I’ll put it to Tekno that status is no reason for him to insult the media.”

“Planet TV Africa has always supported artistes. Note that we are way bigger than any music artiste. Note, Mr. Tekno, that I will not take that disrespect from you or any disrespectful artiste. Your attitude towards me and my colleagues last night at a gathering just goes to validate what Mr. Sunday Are said about you being a rude and arrogant person.”

“Life is in circles and I hope you don't burn every bridge on your way up because someday you will need those bridges to support you. Ask your senior colleagues the importance of keeping and maintaining relationships.

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