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No Amount Of Wealth Can Change My Complexion, Mr. Eazi declares

Mr. Eazi declares
Mr. Eazi has made another claim that has got fans talking. Recently, the singer opined that no amount of wealth can change him. It began when a female fan wrote that Eazi will change color when he “hammers.” Here’s what she wrote;
“Money is a natural bleaching cream. By the time you hammer, your true color will come out.” A fan of Mr. Eazi made an attempt to come to the singer’s aid by replying thus; “Not for Mr. Eazi. Even if my friend is dating a billionaire’s daughter, it will show on my own body, not his.” However, the “life is easy” crooner wasn’t impressed by his comment.
Making to clear the air on the girl’s supposition, he gave a response using the following words; “Forget the billionaire’s daughter thing. Even if I enter Forbes list, nothing about me will change. By this statement, Eazi does not only mean to inform that more money won’t change his complexion. He also means to notify that he will still remain humble.
Do you think there is a possibility for Mr. Eazi to enter Forbes list and still remain humble? Remember that it was the same Eazi that claimed he used to earn N2M monthly, only for his claim to discovered to be a lie. It was also this same Eazi that claimed he brought the Ghana-Nigeria fusion into Nigerian music, which many artistes didn’t agree.

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