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Finally, Blackface Presents Evidence To Proof That 2baba Stole His Song

Blackface And 2face
Blackface has finally come up with evidence to prove that his rants on social media about 2face stealing his songs are not empty claims, as he shared a screenshot of a chat between himself and 2baba in that regard.
Accompanying his proof was a little letter to 2baba, telling him he has more proof to tender if the need for them arises. In the screenshot of the chat, Blackface’s message to 2face read thus; “You could have told me you wanted to do the song, you know?” In response, 2baba said; “I told you sha. Maybe you forgot. I lost my phone since and just got it back.”
His accompanying letter to 2baba reads; “Sometimes people push you to the wall and you have no choice but to fight back. This is one of my conversation some years back with @official2baba when I asked him why he recorded my song #LetSomebodyLoveYou without my consent and this was his reply saying he thought he told me but really he didn’t.”
“You should know I’d spread false allegations about you unless you denying it and claiming innocent as the 2-face that you are. That’s why you and your creepy agents try to mute me on social media and avoid meetings to resolve this. But Jah has got my back. I have more evidence to this effect in case the need for it arises okay???”

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